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This luxurious and invigorating shampoo promotes fuller, healthier and more vibrant looking hair. Using a synergistic blend of peptides, it inhibits DHT synthesis, strengthens and thickens hair fibers, and reduces breakage while stimulating and nourishing the scalp. 10 FL OZ / 297 mL


Designed to detangle and moisturize fine and thinning hair. A synergistic blend of peptides, botanical extracts, herbs, and vitamins feed and nourish the hair shaft and scalp to prevent breakage, and minimize hair loss caused by DHT production and hormonal imbalance. 10 FL OZ / 297 ml


This advanced treatment effectively penetrates the skin on the scalp to block DHT production for thicker, healthier hair. Cutting-edge ingredients Melitane and Capixyl fight thinning hair and stimulate melanin production to reduce graying, and promote restoration of hair’s natural color. 4 FL OZ / 120 mL


Containing our revitalizing trio of shampoo, conditioner and scalp therapy products, the Thy-Renew System provides a synergistic blend of peptides, botanical extracts, herbs and vitamins. Each product helps to feed and nourish the hair shaft and scalp, ultimately minimizing hair loss and preventing breakage oftentimes caused by hormonal imbalances.


Contains our three products in travel size containers. The Revitalizing Shampoo, Revitalizing Conditioner and Revitalizing Scalp Therapy all come in a specially designed travel/sampler kit.

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