thyrenew revitalizing shampoo

STEP 1 - Revitalizing Shampoo

This luxurious and invigorating shampoo promotes fuller, healthier and more vibrant looking hair.
step 1

STEP 2 - Revitalizing Conditioner

Designed to detangle and moisturize fine and thinning hair. A synergistic blend of peptides, botanical extracts, herbs, and vitamins feed and nourish the hair shaft and scalp to prevent breakage.
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thyrenew revitalizing conditioner
thyrenew revitalizing scalp therapy

STEP 3 - Revitalizing Scalp Therapy

This advanced treatment effectively penetrates the skin on the scalp to block DHT production for thicker, healthier hair.
Step 3


Hair thinning or loss not only detracts from a youthful appearance, it also takes away a patient’s confidence and self-esteem. There is no need to hide the problem anymore when you can correct it!

Thy-Renew is an innovative new product trio formulated to address the hormonal changes that contribute to gray and thinning hair.


Hair thinning and balding is caused by multiple factors including

  • The overproduction of a male hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone)
  • Impairment of the Thyroid gland causing other hormonal imbalances
  • Damaged and/or weakened hair follicles
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Stress
  • Inflammation
  • Reduced blood flow to the scalp

Hormone Influences

Healthy hair growth is dependent on proper functioning of the thyroid gland. When hormonal imbalances disrupt the stages of hair growth, the hair can thin or bald. The hair and scalp need adequate nourishment to support the anagen or growth phase.

Another aging hair factor occurs as melanin (pigment) production declines, causing hair to gray.

Hair growth follows a natural repetitive pattern with a three-phase cycle.

1) Anagen, the growth phase lasts 2-6 years

2) Catagen, the transition phase lasts 1-2 weeks

3) Telogen, the resting phase lasts 5-6 weeks



thyrenew - human hair growth



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