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Several factors can cause hair loss including:

  • ● The overproduction of the male hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) causes follicles to miniaturize (shrink)
  • ● Genetics
  • ● Follicles weakened by a lack of nutrients, proper care or oxygen
  • ● Damage due to wearing the hair consistently in a manner that pulls or tightens it
  • ● Stress
  • ● A reduction in blood flow to the scalp
  • ● Inflammation
  • ● Vitamin deficiencies
  • ● Hormone fluctuations in menopausal women and post pregnancy
  • ● Thyroid gland impairment that results in further hormone imbalances

When it comes to human hair growth, there are four phases, and they include:

1. Anagen – The Growth Phase
2. Catagen – The Transition Phase
3. Telogen – The Resting Phase
4. Exogen – The Shedding Phase

Human hair grows, on average, about half an inch each month. The anagen phase, or growth phase of the cycle, lasts from 2-7 years. Overall, the length of the anagen phase will determine the length of hair on a person.
Once the anagen phase nears its end, the transition stage known as the catagen phase begins. This phase is very short lived and only lasts around ten days. Despite its shortness, it is a very important part of the growth cycle since hair follicles decrease in size and detach from the dermal papilla.
Next, the telogen phase begins, this is better known as the resting phase of the hair growth cycle. This phase is 3-4 months long. In fact, anywhere from 10-15% of the hair on the scalp is in the telogen phase at any given moment. In other words, while the older hair is resting, the new hair is beginning to enter the growth phase.
The exogen phase of the hair growth cycle is better known as the shedding phase. This stage is when the old hair on the scalp detaches and sheds from the head. Anywhere from 50-150 hairs normally fall out of the scalp daily. As the exogen phase completes, a new bulb is forming, renewing the process with a return to the anagen phase.

On average, men start to lose their hair earlier in life. By the age of 35, most men start to see some loss occurring at the frontal hairline before it proceeds to the crown.
On the other hand, female hair loss tends to happen when women are a little bit older. By the age of 50, some females begin to lose hair throughout the scalp. Female hair loss typically presents itself as thinning hair that is not as noticeable as male pattern baldness. Thy-Renew restores both the hairline and positive self-image of a female suffering from hair loss.

The Thy-Renew System is a three-part system with each part combining to create a complete hair care experience that refreshes and revitalizes the hairline. Thy-Renew Revitalizing Shampoo and Revitalizing Conditioner are gentle enough to use daily. Thy-Renew Revitalizing Scalp Therapy is recommended for use twice per day on wet or dry hair.

Our advanced scalp treatment blocks DHT production and effectively promotes thicker and healthier hair thanks to

  • ● Capixyl™ which fights thinning hair by blocking the DHT hormone and stimulating vital dermal matrix proteins including collagen and laminin, creating a more effective base for the hair bulb to anchor upon
  • ● Melitane® reduces the amount of graying hair and promotes the restoration of natural hair color

YES! You can rest assured that our entire product line is gluten-free.

NO! Our hair products are free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. SLS is a widely used, and inexpensive chemical found in many mainstream personal hygiene products such as shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, body wash, soap, and detergent. It has been shown to cause skin irritation and even corrosion of the skin.

NO! We do not believe in animal testing; we are a cruelty-free product line.

YES! Thy-Renewproducts work wonders on all hair types as well as colored hair.

YES! You can use Thy-Renew Revitalizing Scalp Treatment on either wet or dry hair.

You can expect hair that is healthier, fuller and thicker than before using our three-part Thy-Renew hair care system.

In general, most Thy-Renew patients start seeing results that are visible to others within two weeks.

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